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Brodo Restaurant
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Century House
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Old Orchard Inn East Aurora, NY
Great Food in New York
Siena  Siena Restaurant located on Main Street  in Synder, New York is a nice little Italian style bistro with a qausi urban/surbaban flair.  A great wine selection accompanied by modern and upscale decor provides a nice dining experience.  The Restaurant interior is a little cramped, however great plating and good service makeup for the almost too close for comfort atmospehere.   My overall recommedation is good for food quality and service, bring your wallet!       
Brodo Restaurant Brodo is a moderately priced restaurant located in Amherst, NY.  Our reviewers give this restaurant a review of good meaning this is a decent moderately priced place to have a meal.  
Coles Coles restaurant is great Irish Bar and Grill located on 1104 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY.  Serving great buffalo wings, beef on wick, and a variety of beers on tap.  Great place to stop in and have a drink and grab some traditional pub type food.  Overall rating of Good 
Alethea's Chocolates  Alethea's Chocolates is located at 8301 Main Street in Williamsville, NY, a wonderful place for those of us with an exceptional taste for fine handmade chocolates, Alethea's uses only the purest of ingredients, that appeal to the true chocolate connoisseur and to those who simply love all things chocolate.
Gordon Biersch Gordon Biersch is a brew style pub restaruant with a great variety of onsite brewed beers and good pub style fair.  The dinner time meals are a little pricey.  You can spend anywhere between $15.00 and $20.00 for a main entree.  Most folks will probably enjoy this restaurant for the beer!  You will likely make a return trip to this restaurant for the beer as well.  
Shamus  Shamus Restaurant located on 98 West Avenue in Lockport, NY is a fairly nice restaurant with seasonal menu.  Overall rating is fair and somewhat pricey.
Century House The Century House in Latham, NY has incredible service and some of the best food that I have ever eaten.  If you are staying in the hotel next door, you will get one of their unbelieveably delicious shrimp cocktails with your dinner.

Warm shabatta bread, crushed olives, and garlic butter will get you started before your entree arrives.  I enjoyed a wonderful meal at this restaurant - shrimp, lobster, and crab on a bed of spinach that was sauteed with garlic and cooked to perfection.  Incredible food!  This is a fine dining experience, so bring your wallet!   It is worth every penny!!!
De Angelos Ristorante De Angelos Italian Restaurant is a great little local restaurant in Rotterdam, NY.  The food is good, the porpotions are huge, and the food is value priced.  I have never had a bad meal at this restaurant.  Their pasta dishes are always excellent, overall a good inexpensive solid place to enjoy a meal!
Russell's Steaks, Chops & More  Our on the road photographer Brenda K. is a frequent guest at Russells in Williamsville, NY.  Brenda has recommended the mago sorbet, cappuccino, and of course filet mignon was highly recommended.
Emerson School of Hospitality  Emerson School of Hospitality have a great little lunch time cafe located in the City of Buffalo on Chippewa Street.  A great lunch time place to go to grab a sandwhich and a cup of soup.  The food is fairly inexpensive and the quality of food is good.
D&R Restaurant  Take a step back in time and visit a grand ole train depot that will surprise you with wonderful homemade food that is reasonably priced.  The D&R restaruant in LeRoy, NY is a former B&O train depot.  In its hayday this little stop on the railway was the hub and flow of this small town.  Stop in and enjoy this restaurant that happens to be one of our on the road photographer Brenda K's pick.
Old Orchard Inn East Aurora, NY Brenda, our on the road photographer recently visited the Old Orchand Inn in East Aurora, NY for dinner.  
The restaurant is nestled in a country setting with a variety of American Bistro Style Food.
Read Brenda's review of the restaurant and her meal on our restaurant blog.

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